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    Quand j’ai vu pour la première fois la vidéo d’un accouchement… sans censure
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    Quand je vais chez le coiffeur cet aprem. “Noooooon pas autant !” ou le retour du coiffeur fou. When I’m going to get my...
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    When I walk in and see he is with a GIRL
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I own nothing. I made this because I always get frustrated when I want to use a certain gif in a post but I can't find it anywhere (which is why all of the posts have so many tags). Hope this helps you all :) A note on searching for certain gifs: - With most of them I've tagged it based on the main emotion that comes to mind when I see the gif - If you're looking for a gif from a certain TV show hopefully you'll find it if you just search the name of that show - In gifs that have text I usually copy the text verbatim as one of the tags Hope this helped!